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I was brought up around bees with my father & grandfather both being beekeepers.

As a youngster, that’s a while ago now, I helped my father, off and on over 40 years, mainly moving the hives to and from the heather.

It was almost inevitable that one day I would start beekeeping at some point in my life but work and family commitments always got in the way.

I only started beekeeping myself in 2015 when I was gifted my first hive from my father, making me the third generation of Graham beekeepers, something I am still proud of to this day.

I am very passionate about the craft of beekeeping, the conservation of pollinators and helping in the education in beekeeping.

Grahams Perthshire Honey

It gives me great pleasure to contribute to the local area with arguably the best bees and the best honey in Perthshire.

John Graham. Owner.

Bee Experience Day

This half day/4 hour experience is the perfect introduction to the world of bees and beekeeping. It is for anyone who is curious about starting their own apiary and want to see if it’s for them, inquisitive bee lovers who want to learn more or those who just want to try something new!

Suitable for all ages, abilities and levels of knowledge.

Unless you are booking as a group the day is a one-to-one experience.

All equipment is provided (other than your own wellingtons)

The cost for the experience day is £150

Dates available throughout the summer.

What’s involved

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A chat about pollinators and understand their importance, taking a look at the challenges impacting wild bees and other pollinating insects and simple things we can do to help.

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A talk about the honeybee and what you’d expect to find in a hive, the food they eat, their behaviours and their dancing skills!

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Honey tasting, sampling different honeys and the way nectar sources can change the taste and texture.

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Then for the best bit – jump into a bee suit and see the bees in action, and if we are lucky, maybe even spotting the queen!

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Finishing up with some refreshments and answering any more questions about our wonderful honey bees.

T&Cs (The Small Print)

Inspecting a colony of bees can only be carried out when the weather is fair. If it is inclement, it can adversely affect the health and temperament of the colony. It would also have limitations on what we would be able to do on your experience day.

In an instance of poor weather on the day an alternative date or a full refund would be offered. We would normally be able to make a call on this, 5 days before your day. No compensation for personal travel or accommodation expenses can be offered.

If you need to cancel your booking without rescheduling an alternative date a full refund would be offered if cancelled 5 days before your experience. After this a cancellation fee of £50 would be deducted from your refund.

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